Portrait of Amos Millard

The faculty voted to confer its Delta Tau Award of Honor upon Dr. Amos Millard who retired from administration at the close of the year [June 1988]. The Board of Directors voted to name the “Learning Center” (a classroom building erected in 1969) the Amos D. Millard Hall in recognition of his almost forty years’ service to N.C., as Registrar and Dean of Admissions.

Dr. Amos D. Millard has had the longest tenure of anyone at Northwest College [as of 1988], having been a member of the faculty since 1949, the year he received his B.A. degree from the College. He retired this year to assume a part time faculty position.

--Northwest, July- August 1988 (https://archives.northwestu.edu/handle/nu/1855)

He's almost synonymous with Northwest College — Dr. A.D. Millard, member of the NC faculty since 1949, the year he received his B.A. degree from the College. As he retires this year from his position as Registrar and Dean of Admissions, he will be remembered as many things: Bible teacher of unusual depth; resident specialist on Israel and director of NC's Flying Seminar to the Holy Land each year; teacher of Parliamentary Law and parliamentarian to district councils and church business meetings; encourager of students and continuing contact with alumni; committee expediter; statistician and profiler of College enrollments; memory whiz who could recite the graduation roster without notes; tender-hearted man of God who prayed through his tears. He will be remembered as long as alumni gather! To him our thanks and congratulations!

--Karisma 1987-1988 (https://archives.northwestu.edu/handle/nu/1052)

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