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dc.contributor.authorLindsay, Gordonen
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe climax is to come in this generation, p. 3 -- Israel will eventually possess the land from the Suez (Red Sea) to the Euphrates, p. 6 -- Egypt will not succeed in defeating Israel, nor will she ever become a strong people again; instead she will be a base nation, p. 6 -- A great champion of Israel will arise, but he will be a false friend, p. 7 -- The Jewish temple will be rebuilt, p. 8 -- In the midst of the seven years the beast will break his covenant with the Jews, p. 9 -- The reign of the antichrist – time of Jacob’s trouble, p. 11 -- Two strange prophets will arise in Israel who will expose the true character of the antichrist, p. 12 -- 144,000 of the twelve tribes of Israel to be sealed against the judgments of the day of the Lord, p. 13 -- Judgment on the wicked in Israel, p. 14 -- The great Russian confederacy will invade Israel, p. 16 -- Russian (Gog) will have initial success in her invasion of Israel, p. 17 -- Israel will have an ally which will go to her rescue, p. 18 -- Israel as a nation will be born spiritually in a day, p. 20 -- God will pour out his spirit upon Israel in the last days, p. 22 -- Israel as a nation will accept Jesus as her true Messiah, p. 23 -- The Lord will fight for Israel at Armageddon, p. 24 -- Christ returns to earth, and his feet stand upon the Mount of Olives, p. 25 -- Jerusalem will never be destroyed again, p. 26 -- The ten lost tribes will be reunited with Judah, p. 27 -- Jerusalem will become the capital of the earth, p. 29en
dc.format.extent30 pagesen
dc.format.extent5.25 x 8.25 inchesen
dc.publisherChrist for the Nationsen
dc.rightsThis original work is protected by copyright. Copyright is retained by the author(s). Access is restricted to NU faculty, staff, and students, but may be granted for personal use upon written request. Works may not be reproduced or distributed without author(s) permission.en
dc.title21 Things Shortly to Come to Pass in Israelen
dc.title.alternativeTwenty-one Things Shortly to Come to Pass in Israelen

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