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dc.descriptionTitle page to the Fall 2016 NU Harvest Journal.en
dc.description.tableofcontentsThe Journey from Bill to Law: What Aspects of an Environmental Policy Bill Help it Pass?--What Way the Liquids Come--Forgotten Children: A Plan to Combat the Global Health Disparity of Street Children in Ethiopia--Life as I Knew It: A Memoir with a Critical Introduction--An Exposition on Romans 4:13-25: The Example of Abraham--Free Will or Sovereignty: Conflicting Views on Eternal Security--Sin, Salvation, Judgment, and Repentance: The Holiness of Yahweh--Matthew 19:13-15 Examination and Analysis--Effects of Romantic Kissing on Love and Marital Satisfaction--Oedipus vs. Achilles: A True Hero and a Wannabe Heroen
dc.format.extent1 pageen
dc.publisherNorthwest Universityen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesNU Harvest Journalen
dc.rightsThis original work is protected by copyright. Copyright is retained by the author(s). Works may be viewed, downloaded, or printed, but not reproduced or distributed without author(s) permission.en
dc.titleHarvest 2016 Editionen

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