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dc.contributor.authorLindsay, Gordonen
dc.description.tableofcontentsMark 16:9-20 is a spurious addition to the text, p. 3 -- Mark 16:15-18 declares Christians will take up serpents, p. 4 -- "New tongues" mean a "new song", p. 5 -- There is no "unknown tongue", p. 5 -- Do all speak with tongues?, p. 6 -- All believers have the Holy Spirit, p. 9 -- The speaking in tongues is mentioned in only one epistle, p. 11 -- Paul said he would rather speak five words with understanding, p. 12 -- Tongues are mentioned last in the list of the gifts, p. 12 -- Speaking in tongues was given at the beginning for rapid evangelization of the world without the need of learning languages, p. 13 -- Gifts of the Spirit were given only to establish Christianity, p. 14 -- God withdrew tongues as they were no longer needed, p. 14 -- Paul said that "tongues shall cease", p. 16 -- Not all 120 spoke in tongues on the day of Pentecost, p. 17 -- There was no baptism in the Holy Spirit after Pentecost, p. 17 -- Nothing is said about Samaritans speaking in other tongues, p. 18 -- Paul showed a more excellent way than speaking in other tongues, p. 20 -- Love is the only real evidence of the Holy Spirit, p. 21 -- Pentecost message appeals mainly to ignorant and illiterate, p. 22 -- Paul implied that speaking in tongues was for the immature, p. 23 -- No responsible church leaders believe in tongues, p. 23 -- Speaking in tongues is "psychic", p. 24 -- Speaking in tongues is "gibberish", p. 24 -- The "stammering lips" are not of God, p. 25 -- Those who speak in other tongues fail to measure up to the "Christian standard", p. 26 -- Some of the world's greatest soul-winners have not had the Pentecostal experience, p. 27 -- The speaking in tongues causes problems in the church, p. 27 -- Saints in earlier centuries did not speak in tongues, p. 29 -- "Tongues" have their source in demon activity, p. 35en
dc.format.extent36 pagesen
dc.format.extentCover 6.375 x 9.5 inchesen
dc.format.extentBooklet 5.5 x 8.375 inchesen
dc.publisherChrist for the Nationsen
dc.rightsThis original work is protected by copyright. Copyright is retained by the author(s). Access is restricted to NU faculty, staff, and students, but may be granted for personal use upon written request. Works may not be reproduced or distributed without author(s) permission.en
dc.title30 Objections to Speaking in Other Tongues and the Bible Answeren

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    Primary source materials documenting the Pentecostal movement in the Pacific Northwest.

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