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dc.contributor.authorMcCrossan, T. J.en
dc.contributor.otherRev. Kenneth Mackenzieen
dc.description.tableofcontentsWhat the Bible claims for itself, p. 9 -- Division I, reasons why we know the Bible is inspired of God, p. 14 -- The marvelous prophecies of the Bible, which have been fulfilled to the very letter, prove it to be inspired of God, p. 14 -- The moral and spiritual teachings of the Bible prove it to be inspired of God, p. 33 -- The great scientific truths set forth in the Bible, truths unknown to mankind until hundreds of years later, proclaim it inspired by God, p. 34 -- The many historical facts of the Bible which have been denied by Modernists, and only recently authenticated by archaeology, proclaim the Bible God's own book. No archeological find has yet proven any Bible statement to be false. Sir William Ramsay's definition of a Modernist, p. 52 -- We know the Bible is God's own book, because it alone can transform character, p. 60 -- Division II, p. 62 -- Five great reasons why the Lord Jesus Christ ought to be our highest and final authority on every subject upon which He has declared Himself, p. 62 -- The source of Christ's marvelous teachings. Was He falsely taught by the Rabbis?, p. 74 -- Division III, Six great teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ which modernists deny, p. 78 -- The direct creation of man versus evolution, p. 78 -- Why all the leading archaeologists have rejected evolution, p. 105 -- The virgin birth, p. 108 -- Lord Hailes and the authenticity of the New Testament, p. 120 -- The physical resurrection of our Lord, p. 121 -- Hell and eternal punishment, p. 131 -- Do the words "everlasting destruction" in 2 Thess. 1:9 teach the annihilation of the wicked?, p. 136 -- How can we be happy in Heaven if dear ones are suffering conscious and eternal agony in Hell?, p. 138 -- Regeneration versus mere morality, p. 139 -- The second coming of Christ: (a) will he return with a physical or spiritual body? (b) when he returns will he find that the church has already converted the world, or must he himself subdue by force a then wicked and rebellious world? (c) what does the parable of the leaven really teach? (d) why John Wesley, if alive today, would be refused ordination by the M. E. Bishop of California (e) why John brands all, who deny that Christ is coming again in the flesh, deceivers and antichrists, p. 149 -- Division IV, The five chief reasons why modernists dare to criticize the Bible, p. 174 -- Because of the way our Revised Version translate 2 Tim. 3:16, p. 174 -- Because of their utterly false conception of Philippians 2:7, p. 178 -- Because of an inordinate intellectual pride engendered by their belief in evolution, p. 180 -- Because of Paul's advice in 1 Thess. 5:21, "Prove all things", p. 185 -- Because of their false conclusions based upon their erroneous belief in the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, p. 187 -- Division V, p. 193 -- How the Bible estimates modernists: (a) They are intellectual fools, p. 193, (b) They are blinded by Satan, p. 196, (c) They are cursed of God, p. 197, (d) They are lost souls, p. 198 -- How Christians should treat Modernists, p. 199: (a) Beware of them, p. 199, (b) Have no fellowship with them, p. 200, (c) Let the Bible be true, and all who deny its teachings, liars, p. 202 -- Division VI, words of advice, p. 203 -- To Christian parents whose children have lost faith in the Bible as God's book through modernism, p. 203 -- To all conscientious modernists, p. 205 -- Closing remarks: the author's three requests, p. 209en
dc.format.extent232 pagesen
dc.format.extent5 x 7.5 inchesen
dc.rightsThis original work is protected by copyright. Copyright is retained by the author(s). Access is restricted to NU faculty, staff, and students, but may be granted for personal use upon written request. Works may not be reproduced or distributed without author(s) permission.en
dc.titleThe Bible: Its Christ and Modernismen

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